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Supplying the Dun-Bri Group 

How to become a supplier to the Dun-Bri Group

As the largest and only specialist supplier of commercial vehicle lighting products in the UK, we are constantly looking for new suppliers from the products we sell to the pens we use every day in our offices across the United Kingdom.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier, you will need to contact us to discuss your offering and to make an appointment with one of our Procurement Team.

You can start the process by calling us on 01763 274185, or by emailing us directly at

The support we expect from our supply chain

We trade responsibly

We only sell products that are produced ethically; trusted to be of high quality, fit for purpose and that satisfy or exceed all regulatory and legislative requirements such as European 'E'; SAE; CE; CAST AES and 'RU' approvals

We care about the environment

We understand that we have an impact on the environment around us and do all we can to mitigate its impact, including reducing our carbon emissions through the use of green energy and recycling

We support local communities

Where possible, we try to work with local communities through co-branded sponsorship opportunities, charitable giving and other philanthropic support including mentoring support for young entrepeneurs

We are a Great British employer

It's important to us that as many supply and employment opportunities as possible can be found here in the UK, and want our suppliers to look after their staff as well as we do - from extra training to pensions and pay

All of our current and potential suppliers are subject to checks including quality verification (which may include a physical visit to your site(s) by our team), financial status and social and environmental qualities. You are advised to supply any relevant company policies to us when you attend your appointment.

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