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Dun-Bri Group & it's commitment to the future

As part of our continuing expansion plans, we appreciate the role that certification holds to guarantee our product quality, service, health and safety going forward.

Our policy and attitude towards our policy of continual improvement applies to all employees and partner companies of the Group, regardless of their role or size and this forms part of our Corporate & Social Responsibility policy overall.

Our key certification covered within this policy are outlined below…

ISO 9001 certification

We have attained ISO 9001 certification to the 9001:2015 standard - in place until 2020

ISO 14001 certification

As part of our environmental policy, we are looking into ways we can meet this rigorous standard

'E' approvals

Where applicable, we verify all product certification to ensure compliance with ECE Regulations, known as 'E marks', or where they don't exist complete the approval process

SAE approvals

Where appropriate, for our international customers based in the US, we ensure full compliance with SAE regulations on product standards prior to sale

'Title 13' approvals

Exclusively for our customers based in the American state of California, we ensure compliance, where required, to Title 13 lighting regulations

& more...

There are always other approvals which we need to consider, and continue to do so, including (to name a few); CAA CAP168 compliance; CAST AES approval; NFPA compliance; 'Chapter 8' compliance; RU approvals and CE marking...

All of our products are subjected to different levels of testing before they are made available to our customers, including rain; dust; dirt; vibration and temperature tests.

Owing to the quality and longevity of LED and other components selected and used during the production and product selection process, we are able to offer differing warranties up to a lifetime guarantee on certain products.

If you have any further enquiries or wish to query the warranty of your product, please call our Customer Service Team on 01763 274185 or email us at sales@dun-bri.com.

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