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911 Signal LED light heads: New extended range available

911 Signal LED light heads: New extended range available

911 Signal LED light heads: New extended range available

We have a massive new range of 911 Signal LED warning lighting, for every application – now in stock at Dun-Bri Group.  From one of the slimmest LED warning light heads we’ve ever seen to advanced 180-degree angle heads, they’re all available now!




911 Signal LEDs: What’s in the range?

We have stocked 911 Signal products since 2012, and have worked with them to further develop our range for our UK and European customers.  This includes LED lightbars like the Warrior and minibars too – not just LED light heads…

The latest additions to the range include new 180-degree super wide angle LED strobe light heads, and even some that are just 7mm thick!

With Dun-Bri Group and 911 Signal, you really do have a warning lamp for every application.  Just look at the examples;


Part information Example application Order code (click to find)
P3 PRO LED light head Fend-off/corner protection 308.014
ANT PRO flush mount LED light head Fend-off/corner protection – flush mounted means it can be used covertly 308.028
Crescent LED light head 180° wide-angle protection – comes with an array of mountings for any position on a vehicle 308.025
H3 3 LED light head All-rounder 308.008
H4 4 LED light head All-rounder 308.009
T4 LED light head Compact spaces – front/rear or side of vehicles 308.018
C4 Wasp LED light head Wide-angle protection – can be used on all sides to enhance off-axis warning 308.011
L200 12 LED light head 200° wide-angle protection – perfect for front and rear protection 308.027
X9 LED light head Ultra-slim, 180° wide-angle protection 308.022
NR6 LED light head Perfect for front grilles 308.023
F6 LED light head Super-slim for any application 308.015
FIN6 LED light head 7mm thick, perfect anywhere to prevent accidental damage 308.021
F3S 6 LED light head Self-adhesive for use almost anywhere 308.019
F6S 12 LED light head Self-adhesive for use almost anywhere 308.020
L270 LED light head 270° wide-angle protection – can be grouped together to replace traditional flashing beacons 308.026

Tip: Click on any of the pictures to view a larger image.



How reliable are 911 Signal products?

Well, the answer to this question is easy.  They regularly test their products to destruction, far beyond the regulatory standards for both at home and abroad.  In fact, when they launched their range of Supervisor/Intelcomm LED lightbars, they gave us this video to show the testing process.  Take a look…



This and many other 911 Signal products can be found on our YouTube channel – just visit



Remember, these and thousands of other lighting and auto-electrical products are available now from Dun-Bri Group.  To order, call us on 01763 274185, email or visit your local branch.  If you’re registered with a trade account with us, visit – or apply for an account by clicking here

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  1. Mitch says:

    I like the Crescent, its decent quality and you can get a good spread from it. Paired them up on my John Deere – work really well

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