Reducing our impact 

Dun-Bri Group & the environment

At Dun-Bri, we understand that our operations have an impact on the environment, and where possible we try to mitigate this whether by using green energy, recycling or through product and supplier selection.

Our policy and attitude towards the environment applies to all employees and partner companies of the Group, regardless of their role or size and this forms part of our Corporate & Social Responsibility policy overall.

Our key principles of this policy are outlined below…


We integrate all environmental factors into our business decisions and day-to-day operations, locally and internationally


We comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and any codes of practice that may affect us


We continually demonstrate a commitment to the reduction of pollution caused by our activities


We develop and maintain environmental policies as the company changes in size and/or locations


We optimise and efficiently use resources whilst maximising re-use and recycling opportunities


We operate an end-of-life disposal service for the company's products in accordance with the relevant directives and through a voluntary commitment to change

We are continually working to improve our ‚Äėgreen credentials‚Äô too, in everything that we do. As an example, this policy is not available in a printed edition and is only available online to reduce our carbon footprint and raw material usage. You can download it as a PDF at the bottom of this page.

If you have any further enquiries, please call us on 01763 274185 or email us at sales@dun-bri.com.

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