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Andrew Strath commits to Dun-Bri’s continuing expansion in 2015

Andrew Strath commits to Dun-Bri’s continuing expansion in 2015

Andrew Strath commits to Dun-Bri’s continuing expansion in 2015

It’s the New Year and the offices of the Dun-Bri Group from Dorset to Yorkshire are open to help you with your enquiries.¬† As part of our continuing and open commitment to customer service, we have published this letter from our Group Managing Director, Andrew Strath.



Dear Customer,

The year-end is a time for both reflection and anticipation.  In looking back at 2014, Dun-Bri Group is particularly proud of its industry-leading innovations including new products, improvements to its customer services and the success of our Wakefield branch.  These major advances reinforce our core value proposition, while creating the potential of greater service for you.

We intersect with many different types of people and organisations today, but our most important community remains you ‚Äď our customers.¬† Our primary focus is developing products and services that are fitting to your needs while delivering exceptional value and service levels.¬† While our vision remains fresh and forward-thinking, we have purposely retained these as the foundations of our success.

We’ll also be continuing with our commitment to improve our staff through company-supported qualification and the sourcing and selection of new employees to meet your and our needs going forward.

Dun-Bri have listened to feedback throughout 2014 from customers across the spectrum and from this we will be launching new catalogues, improving our websites and doing more to keep in touch with you based on what you told us you wanted.

This is in addition to a massive increase in the breadth of our product range with improvements in stock levels, new models and brands not seen before within the Group.  Our own-brand ranges continue to go from strength-to-strength built on the performance and backed up by the price and service you have come to expect from us.

These exciting initiatives set the stage for what will prove to be a richly rewarding year, filled with opportunities for growth for the company and our customers.  Dun-Bri Group hopes to contribute to your success by providing the products necessary for today’s complex specification challenges and legislation.

As always, we sincerely thank you for your business and, most importantly, for your continued trust and confidence.

We look forward to 2015 with great anticipation, hoping that it will be a year of peace, health and prosperity for all.

Andrew Strath
Group Managing Director
Dun-Bri Group


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