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Important announcement: Revised pricing effective 5 September 2016

Important announcement: Revised pricing effective 5 September 2016

Important announcement: Revised pricing effective 5 September 2016

Since the EU Referendum result, a mix of both reflection and anticipation has dominated the media, business and personal conversations alike – looking back at the successes and failures of the European Union, and looking forward to the United Kingdom putting itself back on the global map as an independent; strong nation, trading with customers and suppliers across the world.

In a way, this broadly reflects the Dun-Bri Group, having started back in 1989 and growing to become the largest and only specialist in both commercial and emergency vehicle lighting systems.  However, the uncertainty of the transition has led to the value of the Pound Sterling being devalued significantly, dropping by around 15% against the US Dollar and Euro which has affected our costs.

Because of this, we have had to review our current pricing ‚Äď holding some for as long as we have been able to, and in some cases even reducing them on some items, but price rises will come into effect on 5 September.¬† It is important to note that;

  • Less than 10% of our entire range is affected by a price increase.
  • On average, the overall price increase across our range is less than 4% as we continue to mitigate the effects.
  • Any orders you have already placed, are unaffected by this increase.
  • We will continue to offer bulk purchase discounts on the majority of our products, as we normally do

Some of our suppliers have already raised their prices and many of our competitors already have, while other suppliers have yet to, so it is important to note that there may be further changes in the coming months.

As always, we sincerely thank you for your business and, most importantly, for your continued trust and confidence in the Dun-Bri Group.  We look forward to working with you again in the near future, with details of our new branch opening this autumn and continuing product and service developments.

Yours sincerely,


Andrew Strath
Group Managing Director

Dun-Bri Group

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