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Coming soon: Auto-Electrical & Wiring catalogue for summer 2017!

Coming soon: Auto-Electrical & Wiring catalogue for summer 2017!

Coming soon: Auto-Electrical & Wiring catalogue for summer 2017!

We’re delighted to tell you that in the coming months, just in time for Summer 2017, our shiny new Auto-Electrical & Wiring Consumables catalogue will be available, in print and online!

Featuring thousands of products including a whole host new ranges, the portfolio includes assorted boxes; bulbs; cable; conduit, tape and sleeving; terminals and connectors; power consumables including fuses and relays; plugs, sockets and electrical coils; dash lights and switches; power management products including chargers, power inverters and converters; tools; vehicle parts and workshop lighting from Elwis.



Easy to use

You’ll be pleased to know that the catalogue comes not¬†only with our clear easy-to-read¬†layout and our industry-leading product way-finder cover and section dividers, it also features;

  • Enhanced product information with better pictures than previous editions
  • Improved product option layouts – in tables and clear simple to follow grids
  • QR codes to take you straight to the part of the web site you need to order from
  • Both a product index, and part code index so you can find what you need quickly

We’ve also greatly increased the number of products we offer too!



Available online and in print

We know that some of our customers prefer a catalogue they can hold, while others prefer everything online – with our new catalogue we have covered all the bases.¬† You can ‘jump’ seamlessly from the catalogue in your hand to the website by scanning the QR code in the section divider, entering the web address, searching using the part number or by using the clear catalogue sections displayed online at



Printed in the UK

It might not be important to some, but to us being British is important – that’s why we continue to print our catalogues in the UK using paper produced in Britain supporting businesses across the country in its design, production and delivery!



While the catalogue is not yet ready to order in print, you can find out more about the new range on our web site at, or by calling us on 01763 274185…

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