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Explore the possibilities of Dun-Bri Engineering…

Explore the possibilities of Dun-Bri Engineering…

Explore the possibilities of Dun-Bri Engineering…

With decades of experience in the design, development and delivery of innovative lighting solutions, vehicle wiring¬†harnesses and control systems – we quite simply engineer the right solution for you…

At our site in Biggleswade, Cambridgeshire, we produce vehicle wiring and other bespoke products to our customers’ exacting requirements for delivery across the UK, Europe and further afield.¬† However demanding your project, we have a range of skilled technicians and design and production engineers ready to help.



Bespoke manufacturing is our speciality and we love a challenge…

For over 20 years, Dun-Bri Group has been at the forefront of automotive vehicle lighting.  Always ahead of the game with the introduction of innovative products, manufacturing bespoke designs for customers with specific needs; now this British-owned business is producing its own wiring looms and assemblies through Dun-Bri Engineering.

Dun-Bri Engineering was borne out of a desire to ensure the quality of all its products and services and so in 2011 the company created its own in-house harness assembly, employed a team of experienced staff and made over 3,000 vehicle looms.  In 2012, production increased and is able to produce complex auxiliary looms and bespoke power systems.



Quality and certification

Dun-Bri Group attained their ISO 9001 certification in 2012 to gain official approval of our systems and procedures and to show our focus on quality throughout the production and distribution process.  We only use OE products and each customer has a bespoke system made for them.

All of the systems we produce are available with full homologation for use worldwide including;

  • ECE Regulation 10 and 65 for vehicle warning products
  • All other ECE Regulations for vehicle lighting products
  • NFPA, Title 13 and SAE standards for the United States and Canada
  • CAST AES Specifications for the UK police service
  • CAA CAP168 and ICAO specifications for airport warning beacons
  • Testing to ensure ‘Chapter 8’ compliancy
  • RU (UL) marking
  • CE marking

Find out more about our certification ability, and our general attitude to certification by clicking here.



Our capabilities

We can now terminate lamps, produce switch panels as well as whole vehicle looms in addition to custom-build lighting and other auto-electrical products.  This includes a full design service from initial sketch and idea right the way through to homologation and completion.



Find out more

You can find out more about Dun-Bri Engineering by visiting their dedicated website, including the Lite-wire mini-site at



As the only UK specialist supplier of automotive lighting solutions, our expertise and experience in this field are second to none, so if you have any vehicle lighting engineering questions, please give us a call on 01763 274185 or contact us¬†today…


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