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Sign up for our new Clearance Deals alerts!

Sign up for our new Clearance Deals alerts!

Sign up for our new Clearance Deals alerts!

We’ve launched a new Trade Clearance Deals service, with a wide range of products available to any of our customers, at the same price!¬† You can now sign up for these deals by registering for email alerts and looking at our dedicated web page!

If you can’t wait, click below to get the current clearance offers…


Download the offer guide



What’s available in the clearance deals?

Our new clearance deals feature offers on beacons, mini lightbars, full-size lightbars, work lighting, directional warning, truck lighting, switching, accessories, spares and more!

These deals incorporate ranges from all of our manufacturers, but be quick once they’re gone they really are gone.¬† Everything we offer is sold at the same price to everyone so don’t waste any time, or it might be snapped up by someone else.

Keep an eye out for updated offers on our web site, as the clearance deals are updated every week.



Where can I buy?

As always, you can order via your account at ¬† Whether you do or don’t have an account you can also order by email at or by phone on 01763 274185.¬† You can even visit your local branch – click here to find your nearest one.

Non-account customers can even purchase via our dedicated Ebay store at!



Where can I sign up for email alerts?

You can sign up for our email alerts, which also include other great news and product information.¬† To do this, just click here and enter your details.¬† We promise we won’t use, or sell, your data for anything else and you can unsubscribe at any time at the touch of a button.



Remember, there’s a lot more to Dun-Bri Group than just great deals.¬† Why not talk to us today about becoming a trade account holder for our 19,500 automotive products?¬† Call us on 01763 274185, email us at or visit your local branch

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