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A re-charge not enough? It might be time for a new battery…

A re-charge not enough? It might be time for a new battery…

A re-charge not enough? It might be time for a new battery…

We all know that the Dun-Bri Group distributes an incredible array of products, but did you know we stock car, van, truck and marine batteries at our branches?

Choose from a range of Bosch (vehicle batteries)¬†and Numax¬†(marine and leisure) batteries and save up to 30% compared to other distributors!¬† It’s time to visit your local branch to find out more about our range and to make a saving, before the winter cold finishes your current battery off…

You can find this and more in our Commercial Vehicle Lighting & Accessories catalogue Рyou can download it by clicking here, or can request one from your usual contact.



Bosch batteries

We stock a range of Bosch batteries including their S3 and S4 ranges.  The S3 Series, found in stock in Types 017, 075 and 096, are an economical solution for older vehicles with less auto-electrical equipment than more modern vehicles.  While we stock 53Ah, 70Ah and 90Ah versions Рwe can also order any of their other models on request and can usually deliver next day using our own-fleet transport.

The S4 Series from Bosch, found in stock in Type 110 (80Ah) is an all-around battery focused on the mid-size vehicle segment with an average range of electrical equipment.  Again, we can order other versions where required.

For vans, trucks and buses, we also supply the T3 Series from Bosch Рwhich are designed for heavy-duty applications and to support electrical equipment with the engine shut off and frequent starting and stopping of engines.  We stock Types 625, 627, 629, 663 and 664 in amp hour ranges between 110Ah and 200Ah Рbut can order others to customer specifications.  Just ask us for help and advice, prior to ordering.



Numax batteries

Established in 2002, the Numax brand has always been synonymous with quality and value.  Here at Dun-Bri, we stock a wide range of sealed leisure and marine batteries for immediate use.  The range also includes single and dual-post leisure batteries to cater for all demands.

For marine batteries, we stock three models from 75Ah to 100Ah.  You can find out more about the entire Numax range using the catalogue stored within our Knowledgebase online.  Click here to go straight to the article and download the PDF version of it.





Remember, all of these products and more besides¬†are now available to order from us ‚Äď call us on 01763 274185, visit your local branch or email us at¬† We also provide free help and advice prior to purchase too!

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