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An enlightening range of lightbars – all from the UK’s no. 1 supplier

An enlightening range of lightbars – all from the UK’s no. 1 supplier

The nights seem to arrive earlier, the mornings seem to arrive longer, and the daytime visibility is reduced thanks to the rain, the snow and the fog.  It may be time for a new lightbar Рone of the most visibility enhancing warning products on your vehicle.

As the UK’s number one supplier of commercial and emergency vehicle lighting products, we’ve got you covered with a massive range of mini and full-size warning lightbars that meet and exceed; ECE Regulation 65, Chapter 8 for road and street works and emergency service requirements…

We know there are a lot of options out there, from mini to full-size, to halogen rotator to LED, with different approvals and even different colours of amber and blue!¬† That’s why we provide free help and advice prior to purchase to ensure you are buying the right lightbar for your specific application.¬† Just call us on 01763 274185, visit your local branch or email to take advantage of this service.




Mini lightbars

As one of our most popular product ranges, we stock hundreds of mini lightbars from a range of manufacturers including our own-brand Valueline range in addition to; 911 Signal, Britax, ECCO Safety Group (formerly Vision Alert), LAP Electrical and Redtronic.¬† They are generally available up to 14″ in length, although we do have some that are longer, and they offer instant warning power which is more effective than a single beacon.

The addition benefit is that most of them are available in a single bolt fixing – so you can meet the requirements of regulations like ‘Chapter 8’ of the Traffic Signs Manual to work on the roads with just one product.¬† You can choose from a variety of technologies too from LED to xenon strobe and halogen rotator.¬† We can also supply airport and airside compliant (CAP 168) minibars too – which feature ‘static flash’ modules to avoid dazzling pilots.




LED lightbars

By far one of the most-effective products to enhance your visibility is the LED lightbar.  Although considered by some to be too expensive, you will soon make up for the extra cost compared to a rotating lightbar when you consider the longevity of the product, its quality, performance and the fact that there are no bulbs or strobe tubes to replace unlike traditional lightbars and beacons.

We stock an unbeatable range of different lightbars, including the ECCO 12 Series and ECCO 15 Series lightbars, the Mega-Flash and Bullitt lightbar ranges from Redtronic, Skyline Air and Warrior lightbars from 911 Signal and Titan LED lightbars from LAP Electrical.  Each one has various configurable options including stop, tail and indicator modules, alternating rear reds, alley and work lights and more (not all options available on every lightbar).

You can even build and customise your own lightbars using the ECCO Axios system!  To see some of the other LED lightbars we stock in action Рplease visit our YouTube channel at




Rotating lightbars

In addition to our outstanding range of LED lightbars, one of our most popular ranges that we still stock and supply on a regular basis are rotating lightbars.  Featuring the tried and tested halogen rotator module, some are more stylish than others but they are all ECE Regulation 65 approved and Chapter 8 compliant.

Offering great value for money and simple to install, our product ranges include the Vision Alert 60 Series and 70 Series lightbar ranges from ECCO Safety Group, the Britax Aerolite lightbar range and more recently added, the LAP Titan Rotating range.



You can still choose options like alley and work lighting, rear stop/tail/indicator lighting and illuminated centre signs across the range.  We can even produce sign text for your lightbar to your exacting specification prior to despatch, and also stock a wide range of spare parts too.



Xenon strobe lightbars

Whilst these are less likely to be seen on the roads nowadays owing to the great improvements in energy-efficiency, light output and durability of LED competitor products Рthe xenon strobe lightbar is still a good solution to enhancing your warning power.

Used for decades, the strobe modules in lightbars generally work by flashing a xenon strobe tube at a controlled speed behind a Fresnel lens, which enhances the light output by controlling its spread.  While there are more effective xenon modules around, such as linear, we do not currently offer any as they have been replaced by LED lightbars instead.

For use at road works and for other applications, you’ll need an R65 approved lightbar (also means it is Chapter 8 compliant for road works) such as the Vision Alert 70 Series or 60 Series strobe lightbars.¬† For instances where you do not require this approval but are looking for something longer lasting than a rotator lightbar, but not as expensive as an LED version – try the Britax Aerolite strobe lightbars instead.





All of these products and lots more are available to order now, either from your local branch or from our National Sales Team on 01763 274185!  Alternatively, email us for pricing at!

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