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Elwis Lighting products now available from Dun-Bri Group

Elwis Lighting products now available from Dun-Bri Group

Since 1953, Elwis Lighting have set new standards in the development and manufacture of mobile work and inspection lighting.  They have always been designed in Denmark to be attractive, technically advanced and functionally superior to their rivals.  In short, they have been developed from the blueprint to delivery into our warehouses to be the perfect tool for professional users.

With over 60 years of design & manufacturing experience, they completely understand that their products will end up in very tough work environments and that is one of the reasons we have chosen them as a supplier.  The Elwis PRO Series has been designed to cope with this and to function under the toughest conditions.  In their catalogue (available to download by clicking here), and indeed on our YouTube channel we highlight the stress tests that each of the PRO products are required to live up to (click here for the video), such as being run over by a passenger car, very high water resistance and drop tests from heights in most working situations.

Their destructive testing is carried out in such a way to mimic the everyday actions that can cause damage such as knocking over a lamp or dropping it from a height when working.¬† Just check out this short video of the PRO TL6 SMD task lamp…




Task lamps

Choose from either the TL1 or TL2 PRO Series task lamps to make your working life easier.¬† Extremely durable and fully rechargeable, the lamps even have an exchangeable battery so you can continue working even when¬†the battery goes flat!¬† Each unit comes with a mains charger and are available with a range of accessories including tripods, magnetic and clip-on mountings…

The TL2-R multi-task lamp features powerful LED emitters and can be changed from 100% and 60% power if it’s just too bright (believe us when we say that is possible!).



Inspection lamps

As used in the Dakar Rally 2016 by Team Toyota, the Elwis range of LED inspection lighting includes the FatFlex PRO, and the models C1 through 5.¬† Each has a different application and varies with light output and features.¬† The C5, also known as the Mini Flex, and C3 PRO cordless inspection lights¬†can be charged using a USB socket making it ideal for use on the road as well as in workshops and the FatFlex has a charging dock known as a ‘pit station’.

The range of inspection lights are also subject to arduous testing like the rest of their products included being driven over by a vehicle of up to 1.8 tonnes!  Find out more in their catalogue, or just ask us to send one over to you by email.  The more traditional style of inspection lamps are still available from Elwis, and they feature an extended lifetime compared to rival products too.




According to Elwis, darkness is just space waiting to be discovered.¬† It seems a fair point, given that most of us will still attempt something even if we can’t properly see.¬† Thankfully, their range of LED torches will solve that problem.¬† With a wide range of flashlights available designed with specific tasks in mind like, HVAC inspections by engineers, trekking and exploring, as well as just the day-to-day use many of them have – we’re sure you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

The range even includes models with features like USB charging, output up to 810 lumens and emergency (S-O-S) flash patterns…




Not the type you would find fitted to your Ford Transit, the range of professional head lamps or head torches, as you prefer, has also been tested and is used by the Dakar Rally crews.¬† That’s an endorsement in quality and durability you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.¬† Choose from rechargeable or battery powered models, with a variety of light outputs and features.




Remember, this is in addition to all of the other great products that we do ‚Äď you can order now by calling 01763 274185, visiting your local branch, or email us at to get started!

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