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Now that’s a lot of beacons!

Now that’s a lot of beacons!

Now that’s a lot of beacons!

The original, and sometimes best, the flashing beacon is a staple of works vehicles and plant machinery across the country – and we sure do stock a lot of them, thousands in fact…

As the UK’s number one supplier of commercial and emergency vehicle lighting products, we’ve got you covered with halogen, LED and xenon strobe beacons that meet and exceed; ECE Regulation 65, Chapter 8 for road and street works and emergency service requirements – and that’s before we look at beacons for use on airports!

Our stocked ranges include flashing beacons from our own-brand Valueline offering; ECCO Safety Group (formerly Vision Alert); LAP Electrical; Britax and new for 2017 РRedtronic!  Beacons are available in a multitude of base options for ease of installation including single bolt, triple bolt, magnetic mounting and pole mount (rigid or flexible), also known as DIN mount.

You can find out more about Chapter 8, ECE Regulations 10 and 65 on our knowledgebase, by clicking here.




Halogen rotating beacons

Still popular today, despite new warning technology – a halogen rotator is a great value product to install and easily helps you comply to Chapter 8 requirements, as all of our ranges of halogen flashing beacons are ECE R65 approved!

If you’re looking for a cost-saving then look no further – advantages of choosing Dun-Bri’s own-brand of rotating beacons include both 12v and 24v bulbs in every box, free of charge.¬† You’ll also enjoy our usual high standards of customer service and effortless returns in the event of an issue.




LED beacons

Seen as the future replacement for xenon strobe beacons, these are reliable, incredibly energy efficient and in most cases neat and compact compared to traditional equivalent products.  The majority of these now come with selectable flash patterns including rotating options so you can replace older beacons with ease, to your exact specification.

Advantages of LED beacons include cost-savings over the life of the beacon as there are no bulbs or strobe tubes to replace, and due to their energy-efficiency on some installations this can negate the requirement for secondary vehicle batteries and charging circuitry – with the power draw often being less than a tenth of its halogen equivalent.




Xenon strobe beacons

Longer lasting and more energy efficient than halogen beacons, the xenon variants are very popular with all types of customers.  Options include single, double and quad flash in both ECE Regulation 65 and non-R65 versions.  Although similar in appearance, these are not to be confused with static flash beacons Рbut you can find out more about them later in this article.

Xenon beacons work by passing a high current through a glass tube filled with xenon gas in a controlled manner, producing the familiar flash.  This is emphasised by the use of a Fresnel lens either built into the outer lens, or fitted on its own to control the spread of light from the source.



Static flash beacons

Designed for use exclusively on airports and airside areas, static flash beacons are available from Dun-Bri in both halogen tungsten bulb and LED variants.  All of the range of airport beacons we sell are CAP 168 compliant, and in many cases ICAO compliant too.

They work by utilising a Fresnel lens similarly to strobe beacons but emit a low-intensity pulse similar to a directional indicator to avoid dazzling pilots, or allowing them to become confused with anti-collision and obstacle lighting.



Spare parts & accessories

We stock a variety of spare parts and accessories for all types of own-brand beacons and those produced by ECCO, Britax and LAP Electrical.  These include halogen bulbs, xenon tubes, drive belts, reflectors, replacement lenses, protective cages and mounting accessories.

If at any point you require spare parts or accessories, but are unsure what you might need – please contact us for help and advice.





All of these products and lots more are available to order now, either from your local branch or from our National Sales Team on 01763 274185!  Alternatively, email us for pricing at!

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