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See why our Valueline range of flashing beacons truly are great value

See why our Valueline range of flashing beacons truly are great value

You may have noticed when our Vehicle Warning & Hazard Products catalogue late in 2015 that for the first time we included a range of our own-brand flashing beacons before anybody else’s.¬† We felt with our own-brand range of beacons, known as the ‘Valueline’ range, that we could justify this on the basis of them being more inexpensive, and in many cases as reliable as the top branded products available elsewhere.

That all sounds fair enough, but if you’re anything like us you may need to be convinced so, we’ve put together this little reminder with a couple of short videos – one for our LED and one for our halogen rotator series of warning beacons so you can see them in more detail before ordering…



Rotating beacons

Available in magnetic, single bolt, three bolt and two DIN pole mount options – every single one of them is ECE Regulation 10 and Regulation 65 approved.¬† The beacons are fitted with a brass worm gear driven rotating mechanism and metal turntable base for reliable operation for years to come, and each beacon even comes with a 12v (fitted) and 24v bulb (inside the box) as standard and we know you’ll struggle to find that kind of offer from anyone else!



LED beacons

Also available in magnetic, single bolt, three bolt and DIN mount options Рeach LED beacon is ECE Regulation 10 approved and comes with three flash patterns as standard.  Each pattern can be changed using the on-board dipswitches, accessed by unscrewing the top lens.

The beacons have a dual-voltage, powerful and reliable surface-mounted diode (SMD) LED array designed to maximise the light output of the beacon with its specially designed Fresnel lens.  To make your beacon last longer than the many rivals, we epoxy encapsulate all of the electronics and every single beacon is tested during packaging.




Industrial beacons

As part of our ever increasing range of Valueline products, we have two specialist ‘industrial’ beacons built for fork-lifts, telehandlers and other material handling equipment.¬† Designed for off-road use only, but still ECE Regulation 10 approved for safety – we offer a high-profile (order code: 311.006/LED)¬†and low-profile model (order code: 311.007/LED).¬† Each beacon is multi-voltage and the low-profile model is available with a protective cage made right here in the UK from stainless steel (order code: 311.007/C).





Remember, all of these products are now available to order from us Рcall us on 01763 274185, visit your local branch or email us at  We also provide free help and advice prior to purchase too!

2 thoughts on “See why our Valueline range of flashing beacons truly are great value
  1. Clara says:

    we recently ordered some of these and they came with two bulbs are promised. really handy.

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