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From automotive fuses to open end terminals, see our new range of assorted boxes…

From automotive fuses to open end terminals, see our new range of assorted boxes…

From automotive fuses to open end terminals, see our new range of assorted boxes…

If you work out in the field, or simply work on hobbies that require an assortment of components – then our range of assorted boxes is for you!

With a massive selection including automotive fuses, P clips, heat shrink tubing and terminals, crimp terminals, grommets, or even just an empty box for your own components – all in stock for same or next day delivery (branch dependent for same day).

This range is from our new and upcoming catalogue for Auto-Electrical Consumables, due in mid-2017.  In the meantime, you can view this and other new ranges from the new catalogue on our web site at



Assorted boxes

Choose from our wide range of assorted boxes containing everything from cable tie bases and heat shrink to crimp terminals and specialist automotive fuses including JCASE and Pal options. Alternatively, you can purchase an empty storage box to complement your other assorted boxes and enhance your current stowing solution.

To make ordering easier, or to find out information, just click on the part code highlighted in orange to view the product on our online product catalogue at


Part code Item description
1023.DB1 Assorted glass automotive fuses (200)
1023.DB2 Assorted blade fuses (250)
1023.DB3 Assorted mini blade fuses (200)
1023.DB4 Assorted maxi blade fuses (50)
1023.DB5 Assorted mixed crimp-on terminals (365)
1023.DB6 Assorted red crimp-on terminals (400)
1023.DB7 Assorted blue crimp-on terminals (400)
1023.DB8 Assorted yellow crimp-on terminals (260)
1023.DB9 Assorted copper tube terminals (78)
1023.DB10 Assorted French cord ends (2,600)
1023.DB11 Assorted German cord ends (2,600)
1023.DB12 Assorted twin cord ends (770)
1023.DB13 Assorted micro automotive fuses (200)
1023.DB14 Assorted midi automotive fuses (40)
1023.DB15 Assorted mega automotive fuses (20)
1023.DB16 Assorted strip fuses (300)
1023.DB17 Assorted wiring grommets (280)
1023.DB18 Assorted blanking grommets (280)
1023.DB19 Assorted continental fuses (500)
1023.DB20 Assorted PAL fuses (30)
1023.DB21 Assorted standard JCASE fuses (30)
1023.DB28 Assorted low-profile JCASE fuses (30)
1023.DB22 Assorted domestic mains fuses (280)
1023.DB23 Assorted black heat shrink tubing (360)
1023.DB25 Assorted coloured heat shrink tubing (300)
1023.DB24 Assorted black adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing (225)
1023.DB26 Assorted heat shrink terminals (180)
1023.DB30 Assorted heat shrink solder sleeves (100)
1023.DB27 Assorted copper butt connectors (208)
1023.DB29 Assorted P clips (200)
1023.DB31 Assorted cable clips (122)
1023.DB32 Assorted cable tie anchors/bases (180)
1023.DB33 Assorted open end ring terminals (100)
1023.DB34 Empty storage box with dividers





Remember, all of these products and more besides are now available to order from us ‚Äď call us on 01763 274185, visit your local branch or email us at We also provide free help and advice prior to purchase too!

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