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He’s behind you! Avoid the pantomime when reversing with Labcraft Banksman…

He’s behind you! Avoid the pantomime when reversing with Labcraft Banksman…

We’ve all heard the phrases at a pantomime, including that famous line ‘he’s behind you’ – and while that may be in jest, it isn’t so funny when you’re reversing a large goods vehicle and didn’t notice beforehand…

That’s why we would like to talk to you about the Banksman LED reversing system from Labcraft, who have worked with Dun-Bri Group for years.¬† The Labcraft Banksman is a driver aid designed to deliver additional light to the sides and rear of commercial and emergency service vehicles.¬† By significantly improving driver visibility it dramatically reduces the potential for damage to be caused to vehicle bodies when manoeuvring into unlit areas.

It helps improve driver safety, third-party safety as well as productivity, but clients who have installed it have found benefits such as reduced damage to vehicles, reduction in repair costs and lower insurance premiums.


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How does it work?

The Labcraft Banksman delivers light into areas around the vehicle traditional reversing lights cannot cover.  This innovative solution can be fitted as standard to new vehicles or be retrofitted to an existing fleet.  With a range of options, Labcraft offer cost effective solutions for fleets of all sizes.

Comparing two vehicles, one with (right) and one without (left) the Banksman system, you can really see the difference when reversing – which is also covered in further detail in our YouTube video at



This guide is representative of the expected light spread on large goods and vehicles and large vans over 3.5t…




Which LED heads work with the system?

As Labcraft have been developing and producing reliable, bright LED lighting products for decades Рthe Banksman works with an existing range of LED heads already available from Dun-Bri Group.  This includes the Astro, Si8 Scenelite and the Si7 Scenelite products.





Remember, all of these products and more besides¬†are now available to order from us ‚Äď call us on 01763 274185, visit your local branch or email us at¬† We also provide free help and advice prior to purchase too!

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