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Do you have a damaged or missing marker board? It’s time to replace it…

Do you have a damaged or missing marker board? It’s time to replace it…

Do you have a damaged or missing marker board? It’s time to replace it…

If you’ve got a damaged or missing marker board, or contour outlines, then you could be issued with a roadside prohibition by a police officer or an officer from the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)…

Luckily, at Dun-Bri we have a massive range of ECE Regulation 70 (Amendment 1) approved boards and ECE Regulation 104 approved contour tape in stock!  Just so you know, you can find information on the ECE regulations mentioned in this article by visiting our knowledgebase at



Marker boards

We have a range of fully compliant marker boards for both ECE R70 Amendment 1 and the prior British Standard.  Our most popular boards include Type 261-266 markers as well as the Type 3AECE in the R70 range, and worded boards of both Type 4 and Type 5 from the BS AU152 range.

Worded boards include those ranging from Long Vehicle and Wide Load, to Spreading and even Veiculo Longo for our European customers.  As they are produced in the UK for the Dun-Bri Group, we can even produce custom boards on request.



Specialist marker boards

Our extended range of specialist marker boards include those for wide and abnormal loads into Europe, as well as for Highway Maintenance and Motorway Maintenance applications.  They can be used to help you comply with the requirements of Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual too and can include chevrons too.  The offering is also available in various forms too, from self-adhesive vinyl graphics and flexible banners to aluminium boards.

For those of you who require markers for STGO applicable loads, we also stock the boards for categories 1-3 and a range of projection and load marker flags and banners.



Contour marking tape

If you have an LGV, then you may already be familiar with our range of flexible and rigid curtain grade tapes for trailers and vehicles – but did you also know that we stock ECE 104 tanker tape and fully prismatic side-marking tape in rolls for highway road works vehicles that need to comply with Chapter 8 regulations.

For help and advice prior to ordering, including getting hold of a free guide to the application of this type of tape, please get in touch.





Remember, all of these products and more besides are now available to order from us ‚Äď call us on 01763 274185, visit your local branch or email us at We also provide free help and advice prior to purchase too!


Source РRoadside prohibitions: DVSA ( (April 2017).


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