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Switches: We cost up to 75% less than Durite, using genuine Carling L-Series products!

Switches: We cost up to 75% less than Durite, using genuine Carling L-Series products!

The L-Series from Carling Technologies is a range of snap-in rocker switches offer countless unique options including choices for ratings, colours, illuminations and laser etched legends – and did you know we are up to 75% cheaper than our rivals at Durite, whilst using the genuine article?!

These neatly proportioned single or double pole switches fit into industry-standard mounting holes of 44.0mm x 22.0mm (1/734‚ÄĚ x .867‚ÄĚ).¬† We offer an extensive range of switch and lamp circuit options and all switches include energy-efficient, durable LED illumination.

An optional plug-in, available on request, terminal connectors enable the pre-configuration of your wiring harness and can be supplied direct from Dun-Bri Engineering ready to fit.

The L-Series switches, with sealed front panel components, are IP68 certified, and able to withstand temperatures from -40¬įC to +85¬įC. These switches are vibration, shock, thermo-shock, moisture and salt spray resistant.

Call us today on 01763 274185 for a sample of this switch series or to discuss how Dun-Bri Engineering can save you time on your next installation or upgrade.


Download the Carling L-Series brochure



Switch base & roller pin

The Carling L-Series switch base is designed to fit the industry standard mounting hole of 44mm x 22mm (height by width).  This means you can use it to replace and upgrade switches you already use, as well as for your next new project.

Thanks to the roller pin fitted within the switch base, it eliminates the need for lubricants which increases the operating temperature range of switch from ‚Äď40¬įC to +85¬įC.¬† It is also fitted with industry-standard 6.3mm blade terminals and are dual-voltage as standard too, so you only need to stock one type.



Actuator head

Available in rocker switch (or paddle by request) style.  Several colour options can be requested in addition to the standard black, speak to us for details.

Fitted with outstanding seal protection, the design of the L-Series locks out the elements making it water, dust and debris proof.  Certified to IP66 and IP68 (subject to configuration).



LED illumination

Utilising less current than incandescent lighting, they are also not affected by vibration providing long lasting illumination.



Lenses, legends & accessories

The lenses for the L-Series range of switches are available in different options, in various colours in either translucent or transparent materials as appropriate and with numerous symbols.  Choose from the most commonly ordered configurations of lenses and legends, or opt for a custom legend (subject to minimum order quantity).

We also stock a range of mounting panels and frames, connector blocks and hole plugs to complete your installation…






Remember, all of these products and more besides¬†are now available to order from us ‚Äď call us on 01763 274185, visit your local branch or email us at¬† We also provide free help and advice prior to purchase too!

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