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These bright young things! New range of WAS truck & lighting from Dun-Bri Group

These bright young things! New range of WAS truck & lighting from Dun-Bri Group

These bright young things! New range of WAS truck & lighting from Dun-Bri Group

We’re really quite excited to tell you about a brand-new range of LED truck and trailer lighting available from Dun-Bri, made by WAS in Europe.¬† That means like other ranges from us, it’s inexpensive; reliable; 100% homologated for the British & European market; to an exacting set of standards and stock is easy to find at short notice!

As an added bonus, being built to European style means that it will complement your vehicle, whether a new build or if you want to update your existing one.¬† Take a look at the YouTube videos for the W153 and W150DD multi-function trailer lights to get a taste of what’s now available to order.



W153 LED rear lights

W153 is a wholly-LED rear cluster light with: position, stop and indicator light enclosed in a circular design with a diameter of 142mm.  The universal design of the light allows its fitment on both the left and right side of a vehicle and the homologation allows also for its assembly with a vertical indicator light where required.  The position light is made of a special material which generates a pleasant-to-the-eye light glow with a neon-like effect.  Additionally, the modules are placed in such a way as to give the light its characteristic shape.

The W153 light is also available with a dynamic indicator РW 153DD version.  This means that the diodes of the indicator come on one after the other, from the inside to the outside of the vehicle and the time of the whole line coming on is 200ms (0.2s).  This model also allows for assembly of the light on any side of the vehicle, provided the indicator light runs from the inside to the outside of the car.  Moreover, the W153DD light in a 24V installation operates in line with the ISO 13207 standard’s requirements.

Very pleasing to the eye, it complements any vehicle…




WAS 150DD LED rear lights

W150DD is a modern LED rear lamp with the unique shape of a position light and dynamic indicator.  The LED position lamp modules are made of a special compound thanks to which the particular lightning points are not visible and it is only possible to see when lit, with a neon-like effect.

The dynamic indicator brings a moving light effect heading towards the direction of turn, when each of 8 led lights up with a delay.¬† The lamp is completely dual-voltage and it is E and¬†EMC approved and it is also rated for IP 66/68.¬† These are probably the best-looking lamps available on the market at the moment…




And there’s more!

The two videos above only reference a couple of their most exciting new products, you can also find scene, work and interior lighting, marker lights, number plate lights, more rear lamps and even a reliable, inexpensive LED loading module.



Remember, all of these products and more besides are now available to order from us ‚Äď call us on 01763 274185, visit your local branch or email us at We also provide free help and advice prior to purchase too!

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