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Flashing beacons: Christmas is coming and it’s getting dark…

Flashing beacons: Christmas is coming and it’s getting dark…

Flashing beacons: Christmas is coming and it’s getting dark…

Christmas is coming, and the goose may well be getting fat, but it’s also getting darker and by 5pm it’s pitch black.¬† If you rely on flashing beacons to keep you safe when you’re at work, then this post is for you.

We are the UK’s largest and only specialist supplier of vehicle warning and lighting products, and while flashing beacons are just part of that range – it’s an important part.

From the humble halogen rotator to high-power, low-energy, LED flashing beacons – we stock them all.¬† There’s a massive range of beacons to choose from, from all the brands in all technologies.¬† So what was our most popular?


Top 10: Flashing beacons

Check out the best-selling flashing beacons of 2018 in our new top 10 video!



Seen something you like? Click on the part code below and see it on our web site…


Part code Item description
1 311.012/LED Dun-Bri Flexible Din Pole Mount LED Beacon 12/24v
2 300.V11052 ECCO V11052 LED Beacon Single Bolt Amber (R65) 12/24v
3 311.009/LED Dun-Bri Single Bolt LED Beacon (Conical Base) 12/24v
4 300.V11051 ECCO V11051 LED Beacon Single Bolt Conical (R65) 12/24V
5 311.011/LED Dun-Bri Din Pole Mount LED Beacon 12/24v
6 300.V11054 ECCO V11054 LED Magnetic Amber Beacon (R65) 12/24V
7 300.5E1000 ECCO Xenon Amber Single Bolt Fix Beacon 10-30v
8 311.008/LED Dun-Bri Magnetic Amber LED Beacon 12/24v
9 311.012/LEDG Dun-Bri Flexible Din Pole Green LED Beacon 12/24v
10 311.010/LED Dun-Bri Three Bolt LED Beacon (Flush Base) 12/24v




Life in the fast lane: Chapter 8 & recovery operators

For all you workers out there on the road, visibility is key.¬† The ‘Chapter 8’ rules are there for highways and most recovery operators always stick with Regulation 65 approved products.

Chapter 8 – It goes a long way to keeping you safe but what do you actually need to meet the minimum standards?

As cited by Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, any vehicle working on the highway must be fitted with a number of beacons and/or lightbars and additional warning lights where required.
Section 5.3 of the manual covers the selection and appropriate use of roof-mounted beacons and without prejudice to the specific requirements of any other sections of the manual. It is important to remember the following key points;

  • Any vehicle stopping on the highway for works purposes or inspections shall be equipped with either a roof-mounted flashing amber warning light bar (comprising at least two independent light sources) or two independent roof-mounted flashing amber warning beacons, visible through 360¬į.
  • Roof-mounted flashing amber warning beacons must comply with the requirements of the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations and should also comply with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulation 65 on Special Warning Lamps (see page 141 for more information).
  • If the main roof-mounted beacon is likely to be obscured from the rear by parts of the vehicle or any equipment carried on the vehicle, additional beacons should be fitted toward the rear of the vehicle where they will remain visible.
  • Vehicles engaged in snow clearing, gritting operations or similar work shall display flashing amber warning beacons at all times when operating.

You can use this handy guide to help you decide what you need to fit to keep you safe at the roadside:


Chapter 8 vehicle guide

Chapter 8 vehicle guide


In addition to warning lighting, there are other requirements to fit Highway or Motorway Maintenance markings, high-visibility conspicuity chevron markings and other safety devices, not listed in this guide. For further advice with Chapter 8, please contact us in the first instance.



These are now available from Dun-Bri Group, so you can order by calling us on 01763 274185, online at, emailing us at or by visiting your local branch

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