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HS2: Vehicle safety – are you ready to go on site?

HS2: Vehicle safety – are you ready to go on site?

HS2: Vehicle safety – are you ready to go on site?

With the new HS2 (High Speed 2) railway project underway in the UK, we have received numerous questions from our existing customers looking for help and information on the vehicle safety requirements.

We’re pleased to say that after some consultation with HS2 Ltd, the government run organisation behind the project, that we now have a definitive list.¬† Operational work began in 2009 and site agents and contractors are now hard at work at various sites across the country.

The HS2 project is one of the largest civil engineering projects the UK has seen for decades and planned to continue until 2033.¬† It’s time to get your vehicles ready for site, including coming onto and off of sites and holding areas.


HS2 route plan. Credit DfT. Crown copyright.

HS2 route plan. Credit DfT. Crown copyright.



HS2: So what are the vehicle safety requirements?

Broadly speaking the vehicle safety measures for working on HS2 (High Speed Two) sites that apply are taken from the CLOCS standard. The CLOCS standard was aligned with the FORS Silver accreditation in June 2015.

It is worth emphasising that access to any site by a UK-registered vehicle will only be permitted when the following minimum vulnerable road user safety kit has been fitted.  This has to be achieved by the fifth visit of the vehicle in any 12-month rolling period so may not apply for one-off visits for example.

All vehicles must have back and side warning pictorial stickers, to a design either approved or promoted by HS2 themselves.

Vehicles over 3.5t shall have, as an addition;


Blind spot driver aids

All vehicle aids shall comprise of Class IV, V and VI mirrors appropriate to the size of the vehicle and as a minimum, one of the following;

It is important to know that Fresnal lenses are not considered an appropriate solution to minimising blind spot areas.


HS2 drawings and plans. Credit: HS2

HS2 drawings and plans. Credit: HS2


Additional vehicle requirements

As vehicles cannot use vehicle hazard lights at any time on an HS2 site, except when the vehicle is broken down.

Therefore, it is essential that vehicles have working flashing warning beacons fitted or immediately available for use, if being used for works on haul roads (as per Chapter 8 regulations).  They must also be checked every day.

There are additional vehicle requirements in place when entering or exiting an HS2 holding area or site;

  • Vehicles must not have tinted windows, other than factory fitted tinting
  • They must also have clean, standard number plates
  • They can only carry passengers for the number of seats fitted
  • Under no circumstances should a vehicle carry alcohol
  • All vehicles must carry a first aid kit (with the exception of visitor vehicles or single/infrequent visit delivery vehicles)
  • Vehicles must not carry pets or children
  • Where it is specified by an agent/employer on site, vehicles must be fitted with winter tyres


Where can I get more help?

Our dedicated Customer Services team at our Head Office, or your local branch, can help you specify the products you need for your vehicle.  Call us on 01763 274185, email or visit your local branch today.


This information was obtained directly from HS2 Ltd and contains information detailed within Section 5.8 of their Route-wide Traffic Management Plan, which is available to download in full at

Credits: DfT, HS2 Ltd

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