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WAS & Dun-Bri: New range of commercial vehicle lighting

WAS & Dun-Bri: New range of commercial vehicle lighting

WAS & Dun-Bri: New range of commercial vehicle lighting

Dun-Bri Group has announced its new extended range of commercial vehicle lighting – building on its product range from WAS Lighting…

Since 1989, the Dun-Bri Group has provided a massive range of vehicle and workshop components to an ever-expanding range of customers.  We’ve partnered with WAS to bring you more than 200 different new commercial vehicle lighting products for the UK and European market.

With the same quick and reliable delivery you have come to expect from us and the quality and durability of their automotive products, we’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied.

Choose from a range of marker lights, rear combination lighting and interior lighting.  All of these items are now in stock at your local branch, or available from our web site!

Browse the new extended range by downloading our guide!


Download the product guide



LED marker lights

With a range of all-LED marker lighting, you can find the perfect front, side or rear marker light for your truck or trailer.¬† But that’s not all, they also produce a range of outline marker lights and even tail-lift markers.

Each marker light is dual voltage for all vehicles and are all E approved for road use.  New models such as the W157 and W158 ranges are supplied with a mounting bracket but can be used as a surface-mount lamp too.



The new W168 range of outline markers now feature a unique ‘neon’ look, and some models even feature a dynamic indicator!¬† Take a look at the demonstration video on our YouTube channel…



New rear combination lights

Our newest additions to our rear combination, or multi-function, lights include the W170 and W171 series!¬† Featuring the distinct ‘neon’ look side lighting, they also have dynamic indicator functions.¬† Just take a look at them in action…



Produced in left-hand and right-hand specific versions in each range, they upgrade the look of any vehicle.¬† And don’t worry about their longevity either with IP66 and IP68 rated protection as standard…



WAS accessory lighting

We’ve also added some new LED number plate lights to replace any old bulb lights you may have, or for new installations.¬† The three sizes will be able to replace the most common add-on number plate lights found in the market.

There’s more – part of the new range also includes an LED interior light and LED interior strip lights too.¬† The LW10 interior light from WAS is also available in standard, switched and motion sensor versions.



These are now available from Dun-Bri Group, so you can order by calling us on 01763 274185, online at, emailing us at or by visiting your local branch

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