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HPF300 Series LED light heads: Now available to order!

HPF300 Series LED light heads: Now available to order!

HPF300 Series LED light heads: Now available to order!

Developed for the harshest environments, the HPF300 Series of ultra compact LED directional warning light heads are now available.¬† Some of the slimmest available, they are now in stock across the Dun-Bri Group…

Here’s a brief overview of the specifications;

  • High output LED warning lamps
  • Multiple flash patterns with synchronisation function (8 on 3 LED, 12 on 4 & 6 LED models)
  • Latest generation 3W LED emitters
  • UV-stabilised polycarbonate lens
  • ECE Regulation 10 and 65 approved
  • IP67 rated weather protection
  • Easy installation


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HPF300 Series: Which model?

With its slim-line design, and choice of three light outputs, you can find the perfect warning lamp for any application.  Choose from 3, 4 and 6 LED warning lamps depending on your application.

You can also use these with the Cylon curved LED light head from TECH-LED to complete your perfect warning installation, in whatever space you have.



Ultra-bright illumination

Developed by Technology-LED engineers to surpass the performance requirements outlined in ECE Regulation 65, the ultra slim-line modules feature integrated TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens technology.  Combined with the latest generation 3W LED emitters, they provide almost unbeatable safety coverage.



OEM compliant

Suitable for use in OEM applications, the HPF.300 range has been developed for compliance with the EMC requirements of ECE Regulation 10.05 as well as the increasingly stringent requirements from vehicle manufacturers on quiescent current draws from 3rd party equipment.

All TECH-LED badged products are subjected to an aggressive Development Testing Program to ensure product compliance in the harshest of conditions including vibration, temperature, water and dust sealing, electrical, salt water, EMC and photometric testing.



Where can I get pricing?

For pricing, call us – as a competitive product we want to make sure we try and beat your existing supplier’s pricing.¬† Call us today on 01763 274185 or call your local branch now



Remember, these and thousands of other products are available from Dun-Bri Group.  To order, call us on 01763 274185, email or visit your local branch

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